Helen Worthington


Who am I?

My name is Helen Worthington, and I started being guided to paint in late September/early October of 2005. I had never, in my wildest dreams, thought I would end up either as an Angel artist, or even working with the Angelic Realms, but clearly plans greater than mine were being put into place! I have been interested in general and varied forms of spirituality since being quite young, and have sampled, read about and heard of many different religions and belief systems throughout the world. For now, though, I feel I have been gently steered onto the most appropriate and beneficial way for me to progress along my own personal spiritual journey. The fact that this brings me into contact with a wide variety of wonderful people who are also on their spiritual journeys (either consciously or unconsciously) is an added bonus, and I have met some truly remarkable and inspirational people along the way!

How Did it All Start?

I have to admit that back in mid-August 2005 I was rather cynical about Angels, but agreed to accompany a friend to an 'Angel Festival' in celebration of 'World Angel Day'. We had arrived at the venue and I was sitting quietly waiting for the Festival to start, feeling rather out of place and wondering what on earth I was doing there!

Although I didn't physically 'see' an angel that day, I distinctly felt the presence of a being of enormous size and tremendous power standing right next to me in that room - something which I hadn't consciously been aware of in my life before.

I had previously trained at the local Spiritualist Church and was quite used to the presence of humans who had passed over, and indeed I had worked as a physical, or 'trance' channel for them. This, however, felt like something very different ! At the point when the room hushed for the Angel Day Festival to start, I could 'feel' more of these huge pillars of energy around the room almost acting as guardians or protectors of the group gathered to focus on Angels, and at that point I realised these energies were something a bit special! That was, as far as I am aware, my first conscious contact with the Angelic Realms!

The day itself was wonderful and I learnt a lot and had many experiences during the various sessions we were guided through. At the end of the day, I had to admit to myself that just maybe, there could be something in this Angel 'stuff'. That one moment of allowing even just the possibility of the existence of Angels to enter my mind seemed to have been sufficient to allow a doorway to open and the Angelic Realms to step in, because the next stage of my development was something I definitely wasn't prepared for!

A short while after the World Angel Day, I was happily ironing away, vacantly musing on life in general and nothing in particular when suddenly I found myself being compelled to sit down and draw. I knew that my artistic skills were limited to card-making and other forms of crafts, and was therefore rather reluctant to make a fool of myself, but in the end I gave in to the 'push' and sat down with paper and pencils. After about half an hour, I had drawn a female figure in a flowing green dress - a picture I have kept to remind me of how it all started ! Being aware that I had no memory of choosing the colours and creating the image, I knew that I must have had outside assistance with the project, and wondered what would come next.

Before long, I had started using watercolours to paint small images of Angels and spiritual beings (who, I was told, were known as Illumines) which I turned into greetings cards. After much persuasion from friends, I agreed to have a small stand at a local Mind, Body and Spirit Fair, with no confidence at all that anyone would actually want to hand over their money for anything I'd done. Much to my surprise and delight, my cards and pictures sold.

That was the very start of my 'new life', and from then on I have been kept permanently busy with the Angels and Illumines, and have steadily built on these exciting, wondrous and nurturing relationships to the point where I now work closely with them to create watercolours, canvases, glass-work, pyrography, and fabric designs, to carry their energies to a wider audience - namely you!