Example Artwork


The Aim of My Work with Angels

Whenever I sit down to start the process of creating a piece of artwork, in whatever medium it may be, I always consciously invite in my Angelic friends to instruct me exactly who is to be represented on that particular 'vehicle' for their energy. Without their input my work would not contain the true essence of those watching over and guiding us, and the art would be without meaning or purpose.

The purpose of the artwork is to help to spread the light and energy from the Angelic Realms, into the realms of humanity and the physical world, whether that is to one person, a family, or a whole group of people. The Angels are 'light beings' and wish to provide access points for everyone to tap into this light, even in the face of the general doom and gloom which at times seems to pervade every part of our lives in this physical world.

Each piece of artwork acts as a 'vehicle' for us to access their light, whether we sit and meditate in front of a painting, have a bookmark in a book we are reading, or keep one in our pocket or purse to remind us that they are around - each 'vehicle' transmits their light into our world. The Angels wish us to remember that they are there for us and that we only need to 'reach out' with our thoughts and they will help us in the best way they can.

The Angelic Realms transcend all and every Church or Religious belief system. They are accessible to all, regardless of creed, doctrine, beliefs or even non-belief. They do not judge us for what we believe in or don't believe in - they are only there to serve us and the Divine Laws, and therefore no condition is placed on the relationships we can form with them.

The Angels have wished me to stress from the beginning of my work with them that no-one is excluded from their gifts of friendship, love and assistance - the only requirement is that we actually ask for their help in our lives !