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Angel Cards

All Evendawn products are painted or hand-crafted, which makes each one unique in its own right. Each piece of work contains the essence of the Angel it represents, and can be used for meditation purposes or simply decoration - the energy will be emitted however you choose to work with it.

Watercolour Greetings Cards

There are currently 2 types of Watercolour cards produced, although from time to time additional varieties emerge !

The first is the Angel Greetings Cards. On these watercolour designs an angel (or angels) is represented in gentle colours with harmonious backgrounds (please see examples). Quite often subtle 'twinkling', in the form of light glitter dust, can be added to give a more ethereal feeling. These cards are not specific to any particular Angel or Archangel. When ordering an Angel card, please indicate the type of colour design, and what you would like the card to convey (eg. peaceful, energetic, healing).

The second type of Watercolour design is the 'Crystal Scenes' cards. These are delicate watercolours in which you may see a tranquil scene; they are gentle, harmonious scenes which are open to interpretation by the viewer. They may resemble a hillside, open fields, or even sea-scapes - what you see in each one is up to you ! Added to each card, to increase the light emitted from them, are Swarovski crystals in colours sympathetic to the background.

Both these types of cards are currently 2.50 (plus p&p) and come with envelope and protective clear plastic sleeve.

Angel Bookmarks

Bookmarks - Watercolour originals encapsulated as a bookmark, with a message to inspire you and remind you of the presence of Angels.

The Evendawn Angel bookmarks are painted in watercolours, with added sparkle in the form of very fine glitter. Each one is individual and the energies given out by each one will be different. There is a message from the Angelic Realms on the reverse of every bookmark (same message on all), and the finished product is protected in a clear plastic sleeve with a pretty ribbon to act as your page marker. All bookmarks are 2.50.

Watercolour Paintings

To order a watercolour painting, please contact me directly, as it will depend on the size of painting you require, and the finish you would like on it (eg. Addition of Swarovski crystals may cost a little extra).

Glass Ornaments

Enamelled Glass Light-Catcher Angels.

Delicate sparkling Angels painted onto a selection of different glass shapes - oval, circle, heart and window - which you can hang up to catch the light. All are unique as the glass is coated with different coloured twinkling powders and glitter. When finished, they are decorated with genuine Swarovski crystals, a ribbon is added to hang it with, and they are then sold in a handy presentation box which is ideal if the Light-Catcher is for a gift. 11.00 each (plus p&p).

Pyrography Angel Keyrings

Lightweight wooden key fobs painted with a pearlescent effect to shimmer when it moves. Onto each fob an Angel is burnt using the pyrography technique and then a Swarovksi crystal is placed at its heart centre to twinkle at you. Each keyring is well varnished to protect it from the weather and wear and tear, and can be used to keep your keys safe, or just to accompany you on your everyday journeys. 4.25 each.

Evendawn Fabric Creations

An exciting addition to the Evendawn range this year is 'Evendawn Fabric Creations'. This covers all items made using cottons and silks and other fabrics. I am delighted that my sister, Catherine, has joined me and my 'team' in our creative ventures, by making some beautiful and elegant painted silk products.

Catherine's work is carefully produced, and she uses many different designs including Celtic knotwork, Angelic and Faery patterns, Nature designs and Knotwork Mandalas to create pictures, wall-hangings, beaded mobiles, bookmarks and cards. Most of Catherine's products have beadwork carefully stitched onto them, and some Swarovski crystals, which I often use myself in my Angel Artwork. There are some lovely photographs on this site of her beautiful work, under the 'banner' of Evendawn.

If you wish to order any of Catherine's delightful products, please contact

Canvas Paintings

All canvas paintings are produced on a variety of canvas sizes, the smallest being 6"x 4" right up to .. well, pretty much any size I'm asked to do !! (see size and prize guide, opens in new window.

I use acrylic paints because I find there is a lot of light in the colours available in acrylics and they dry more quickly than oils (without the smell !). Additionally I frequently used Pearlescent Acrylics, clear glazes containing glitter dust and micas.

Swarovski crystals may then be added as appropriate, or if requested by the customer. (If you do not like glitter or crystals, please state when ordering).

There are 5 main groups of paintings currently available : 'Scapes', Radiating, 'Tunnels of Light', Textured and Multi-media. Descriptions of these, and a table of prices for each of the types, are given below for you to choose the size, type and price you may be interested in, but please contact me to discuss any details you need or for further clarification.

Commissioning a piece of Evendawn Artwork

Whether you wish to order a Canvas painting, Watercolour card or other gift, the process is actually very simple. Firstly, of course, you need to tell me what form of work you require (card, bookmark, canvas, etc). After that there are several other pieces of information I need :

The full name of the person if it is for. This allows me to 'tune' in more effectively to the correct Angelic energy for that person (or people), as each name carries a certain vibration that the Angels can identify, even if I have never met that person.

How much you wish to spend/or the size required (please see the list of approximate prices listed). You can specify the price/size you would like (if ordering a painting - cards and bookmarks are a standard size).

When you would like the artwork for. If it is a painting required as a gift, then I need to know a date to allow you time to give/send it to the recipient.

Please allow at least 10 to 12 weeks for canvas paintings, or longer if it is a very large canvas. As each piece of artwork is specifically channelled to suit the individual, it isn't quite as simple as just 'sitting down and painting'; the energy needs to be tuned into and worked with to create the right painting for the customer.

Any idea of colours you would like including (or omitting). Please mention this and it can be taken into consideration when the commission is being worked on.

On completion, I will contact you to arrange delivery (if within a reasonable distance), collection by the customer, or postage. A charge will be made to cover costs of postage and packaging as required, dependent on item/size, etc.

Because each piece of artwork is unique, it is impossible to produce duplicates of previous work.

All examples of artwork on this website are to give you an idea of what may be ordered, not what may be reproduced as duplicates. When ordering, you will need to bear in mind that what you get will be specific for you, and not simply a 'copy'. Colours, the shape of the angel(s) and finish used may all vary from painting to painting.

Each piece of artwork is unique and contains Angelic energy for you to access. It doesn't matter what size or form the artwork takes, each will do the 'work' that is required. This 'work' may take the form of helping you to meditate, lifting an atmosphere in a room, forming a sense of 'protection' or 'healing', or simply to make you smile when you look at it.

Allow your Angel to work with you from its 'vehicle' and you will form a lasting and loving relationship for all your lifetime.

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